Pat et Phil_2012The Owners…

Childhood friends as well as musicians, Patrick and Philippe achieved their life-long dream of founding Musicopratik in 2005!

“Great service. A warm, friendly atmosphere. At MusicopratiK, we take care of everything in order to provide you with the right conducive environment, whether it is for hard rehearsing work or just having a fun jam session!“

The Team…

Nowadays, Patrick and Philippe, founding owners of MusicopratiK, rely on their excellent staff to welcome you and provide you with the best service in town.

Team Members:

  • Gregory Fitzgerald
  • Philippe Fleury
  • Elsa Corgié
  • Karine Gordon
  • Luc Hermann
  • Philippe Legentil
  • Antoine Loiselle
  • Yann Pouliot
  • Simon Roy
  • Félix T.Pouliot
  • Raymond Tremblay
  • Dawney Trudeau
  • Cédric Vieno
  • Marius Visser